Innovative web3 platform where content creators may share original content via digital collectibles



1 Developed a landing page displaying a visual concept of our vision to empower all content creators

2 Met with talent agencies and venture capital firms who are interested in supporting our project

3 Met with top tech developers who have committed to a strategic partnership to develop our platform

4 Assembled an executive team of leading experts in blockchain technology and social media marketing

5 Assembled a renowned group of financial advisors in VC and PE sectors who will serve on our board

6 By incorporating the Metaverse, content creators and users may meet and engage in the virtual world

7 Our studies indicate content creators are seeking ways to better control and monetize their content

8 Blockchains are the most effective way to control and monetize social media content via collectibles

Our Founder

Johnnie Jones


Johnnie R. Jones boasts 16 years in banking and finance as well as 14 years as an entrepreneur and leading expert in blockchain technology. He holds a BA in Accounting from Morehouse College and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Kennesaw State University.

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